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Extremly House Music


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Sound to styles like Deep House, Chill Out or Psy Trance. This musical evolution leads Ibiza's producers and djs to adapt their style to the music of the 21st century. The musical moment that the island is living makes the birth of local record labels necessary. Keen and creative young people with a lot of good ideas to show are needed. This is the case of Extremly House Music. The proposal of Ernesto Alt's and Guillermo Morro. A company that feeds off these influences. They started off young fooling around with a keyboard, locked up at home many weekends for years, learning. Until they realize they're good, that they connect and it's getting serious. It's time to move on.
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Avd Doctor Fleming, 47, Ibiza, Spain http://www.extremlyhousemusic.com/ Facebook Twitter Google+
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