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Techno Cathedral. Est 1942Spain

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Founded in 1942 ( in the immediate postwar Spanish and in full World War II ) by Juan Arnau Cabases and his wife Francisca Ibarz Quer, he gave playful use two large spaces located in the most central of the city of Fraga , capital the region known as the low Cinca. Although predominantly agricultural in neighboring Mequinenza , lignite coal mines had been declared " war industries " . Who worked in them could avoid military service, and this fact , coupled with that hardly anyone was going off to study, allowed the existence of a high youth population.
Est. In 1942 11-50 Employees 0 Job

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Camino de Sotet, 2 B 22520 Fraga, Huesca Huesca Spain www.f135.com www.f135.com Twitter
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