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Bar Anticipation

Where Summer Never Ends

Under the moniker "Bar A", Bar Anticipation is NJ's most popular and diverse nightclub. Once again, named one of the Country's Top 100 Clubs, Bar A is truly a massive, nationally-renowned, indoor-outdoor party facility.Ê Bar A's incredible staff, delicious food, enticing specials, exciting format, award-winning happy hours, and top entertainment continues to draw people by the thousands year after year! Open all day and night, seven days a week, Bar A' s multifaceted indoors and tropical themed outdoors, has something for everyone.Ê During the day, lounge water side on Bar A's Grotto Beach or get pampered in a Grotto Beach VIP Cabana. At night dance with a top DJ or party with an amazing live band.Ê It seems like there is always an exciting party or crazy promotion going on at Bar Anticipation!Ê
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703, 16th Avenue, Lake Como, New Jersey +1-732-681-7422 http://bar-a.com/ Facebook Twitter
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