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The BPM Junction record store is a self managed platform for independent and professional DJ's, producers and record labels, to buy, sell, promote and distribute electronic music online. The BPM Junction record store provides on demand and real-time sales, purchase, promotion and distribution, to producers, record labels and DJ's. All levels of user can access intuitive tools and services, enabling anyone to reach a worldwide audience. Packages range from Starter, through Pro, Expert and Elite. Producers and Labels receive a far higher and fairer return on music sold compared to current industry standards. DJ's and fans can also find music at more affordable prices. The BPM Junction team is made up of independent and professional electronic music producers. We understand the work that is involved in producing music and performing in the electronic music industry. We work hard to makes things fairer and easier for producers, labels and DJ's. Our goal is to be front facing, aware, and innovative. If you have a problem, or an idea, let us know! We want to make things better!
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