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Epidemic Sound


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Epidemic Sound is reinventing production music with the first library that offers professional-quality soundtracks cleared of all rights in any country, on any platform and forever! Founded in 2009 by award-winning Swedish music, TV and Internet entrepreneurs, Epidemic Sound is a music concept, with in-house composers and music curators! We work with producers responsible for numerous successful artists and music concepts in the music industry today, who safeguard the quality of our music. And because every track is commissioned, we know everything about the music we offer, so we can always help you find the right track. We’re not a sub-publisher, we’re the sole owners of our music catalogue, making it that much easier to license music! In 2014 we launched in the Netherlands and have since been working with major cable operators, publishers and MCN’s. We also regularly provide music for TV commercials. So you’ve probably already heard our music without realizing it!
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HQ: EPIDEMIC SOUND ÅSÖGATAN 121 116 24 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN http://www.epidemicsound.com/ Facebook LinkedIn Twitter
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